The first two weeks of Events Management.

Missing out on the “Team Building day” meant my first day was pretty daunting. I had no idea who any of my lecturers were, any of my classmates or where I should be going!

It’s been 7 years since I was last at New College and it’s hard to find something that is still the same. I had to relearn it all over again. It was like being back at senior school, on the very first day. My biggest fear was that I was going to be the oldest student….I am, but it’s not as much of a deal as I thought it would be.

I have learnt so much already in the last 2 weeks, and expanded on many points I already knew from my experience. I think it really helps that all 3 lecturers have a massive amount of experience from within the industry themselves.

Monday was a great experience touring the HMP Shrewsbury, courtesy of Jail House Tours ( It is open for tours for a limited time, and I would fully recommend anyone to go and experience it. I learnt a lot about prison history, and about the history of the Dana, from the incredibly experienced ex-guards who lead the tours. I am looking forward to, potentially, being involved in future events there as it is such a niche opportunity. We have since completed a SWOT analysis of the tours (see attachment at the end of the post) to asses what we thought about the whole experience.

When I learnt that we would have to do work experience, I was a bit dubious. Firstly, I’m not too sure I want to go into the hospitality industry and secondly, I wasn’t sure I would be able to fit it in around work. When I learned a bit more about it, I relaxed towards the idea as I only have to start with 2.5 hours a week.

I had my first day on Tuesday (29 th September) and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The first few weeks are going to be computer based training and getting to know the systems and the hotel, after which we will be learning about the planning side of the job. Although it isn’t the part of the industry I want to work in, I feel I am going to gain a lot of useful training and transferable skills from this experience.

The last couple of weeks have made me realise I need to work on my time management. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, after my wedding, I will have less to be juggling and I’ll find things a bit easier.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks, to see how I can progress, and what comes next with work experience. I hope I get some opportunities for networking and to expand my knowledge within the industry even further.

SWOT analysis for Dana Prison


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