Leadership Styles.

Charismatic Leader: a charismatic leader is a person who creates a self-image and personality so strong that people are naturally drawn to them. They don’t tend to use authority to gain a following.


Autocratic Leader: an autocratic leader is someone who has to have individual control over everything that happens. They have ultimate say over any decision.


Democratic Leader: a democratic leader is someone who allows the group to have involvement in the decision making. They are often voted into leadership by their peers.


Bureaucratic Leader: This is the oldest and most common form of leadership. This type of leader is one that focuses and works to a particular set of rules and procedures. It is commonly found in businesses when they do not encourage innovation.


Inspirational Leader: Inspirational leaders have passion and purpose for their organisation. They use their passion to encourage and motivate their colleagues.


Artistic Leader: Artistic leaders use their creativity, confidence and communication to help move from vision to reality.


Technocratic Leader: Technocratic leaders are most commonly found in governing bodies. They are chosen based on their expertise and background rather than their likeability with the business.


Entrepreneurial Leader: Entrepreneurs use their initiative and are always looking for a new challenge. They take risks to achieve their ventures, while using any failure as a way to improve on themselves.


Visionary Leader: This is the least common kind of leader. They are very open minded people with a lot of imagination. They have persistence and conviction to see a project to the end regardless of any problems. Examples of this type of leader include Einstein and Steve Jobs.


After researching the different types of leader, I feel I am a combination of an Entrepreneurial Leader and an Inspirational Leader. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and the people I work with, while using my knowledge and experience to help motivate them.


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