Researching Roles.

We were tasked with researching the roles of the following:

  • Venue Finding Companies
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Convention Bureaux
  • Tourist Boards
  • Regional Development

Venue Finding Companies:

There are many companies out there that can help you find your perfect venue. They range from small venues to huge venues all around the world.

The process of finding a venue can be painstaking. Venue finding companies can help. They will find you the perfect venue by taking into consideration: your budget, what you need to get from your budget, how many people will be attending your event, the type of event and many more.

Destination Management Companies (DMC):

A destination management company is responsible of representing you and your needs to the venue you have chosen to hold your event. They have a vast amount of local knowledge and services that can be provided around the destinations.

A DMC will hold responsibility for all aspects of your event, from budget to logistics and accounts.

Convention Bureaux:

A Convention Bureau is a service which partners with numerous companies. The purpose of this is to bring all companies and services to one accessible place. They can help the event planner, incentive organisers and meeting planners with all aspects of the planning process.

Tourist Boards:

Tourist boards are organisations set up to help promote tourism, either business or leisure, to certain areas or countries. They hold a wealth of information of places to see, things to do, useful information (maps, phone numbers etc.) and an incredible amount of localknowledge as they are often managed by people from the area.

Regional Development Agencies (RDA’s):

Regional Development agencies were establised in 1998 and were up and running by 1999, as part of the Regional Development Agencies Act 1998. They had key roles of promoting business efficiency, competitiveness and investment, promoting employment and to help with furthering regeneration and development of the economy. They were abolished by the coalition government in 2012.


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