Thursday 8th October.

On Thursday, we had a session focused on learning about operationas and logistics, along with the importance of stakeholders.

Operations is the term used to describe the systems and actions that have to take place for the event to happen.

Logistics is the moving of people and products/services to be in the right places at the right times.

A major issue that can arise with logistics is the moving of people. If a large number of people are moving around the same location, you have a chance of a bottle neck forming (many people moving from one area to another through a smaller space), which can cause many problems such as serious injury, or trampling.

There are ways of managing queuing, which reduce the risks of bottle necking and large crowds. These include “batch” arrival/departure, which where groups of attendees have a set time to arrive and register their attendance. This allows the organisers to have a steady arrival, with minimal queuing.

It is also necessary for a lot of events to consider regress, the re-entering of attendees. For instance, at an exhibition, people may want to leave the main exhibition, for various reasons, and then wish to return. It then becomes necessary to have a system in place for this to happen. The most common are lanyards and name badges, wristbands or hand stamps. This allows staff members on the doors to identify people who have already been admitted to the event.

Stakeholders are anybody who has a vested interest in the event. This includes any sponsors, the organisers, the venue owners, the attendees and the clients. As the organiser you have a duty to manage the stakeholders expectations. If you put on a  poorly organised, poorly run event, chances are they won’t ask you again. Yet if you put on a brilliant event, with positive feedback from your attendees, everyone is happy!


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