Trade Associations.

Why do businesses like the trade association models so much? What is their most basic ideology?

Trade associations are organisations that represent the interests of the industry members. They are useful for networking with other people within you industry to gain knowledge of a specific area or region. The trade association will have a vast amount of resources, knowledge and market statistics, among other things, you will be access.

As a member of the trade association, you may also be the recipient of their publications. These may give you an insight into predictions of future trends within the industry, according to Entrepreneur (2015)

What does a trade association do that a business cannot do for itself?

Trade associations are able to bring together a large number of sources, and make them available from one point. They can then use this to assist with “developing standards and best practices; in providing education and professional development for those employed in their industry; in promoting the products of their industry to the public; and in acting as a watchdog for negative impressions of their industries.” (Kubota, 2015)

Therefore, a trade association can bring knowledge, education and further development, to companies that may not be able to access without their help.

How can we realise the benefits of an association?

Trade associations can offer a lot of benefits to its members, for example, The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) offer a range of benefits from free legal advice helplines to credit card services. (, 2015) 

Alongside the additional benefits, trade associations can be use to help you expand your industry knowledge and assist you in finding training programmes for you and your staff.

(, 2015)

What will our association do for us, now and in the future?

Our trade association will enable us to further our education in the chosen field, either out of interest or due to changes in legislation or procedure. The association provides chances to network with other people within the industry, through conferences, awards and dinners. Alongside the education and networking, they also provide free advice services across a number of topics, such as health and safety. (, 2015)

What is the difference between and Trade Association and a Trade Union?

A trade association represents companies, whereas a trade union represents employees within the trade.

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