Learning to reference….Simple, right?

Last week, the major learning curve was referencing. I have some previous experience with referencing but I wasn’t brilliant at it. Now I have the support to get my head around it, it isn’t as bad as I first thought.

There is a lot to take in with it all but with all the resources out there to help, it isn’t that difficult. The biggest issue is remembering to reference as you go and keep a record of what has been accessed and when.

In Andy’s session we had a talk with Rebecca and Chris, from New College, about the planning and preparation that went into this years “Freshers Fair”. They talked about the issues that they had experienced, such as a threat of industrial action from staff and a lack of records from previous years. Rebecca took us to the spaces that had been used for the fair this year, while we were in the sports hall she described changes she would like to see put in place to make the whole experience more engaging for students and outside agencies.

We are now tasked with writing a 1500 word case study around the event and how the delivery of the event could be improved.

With Beth we learnt about PESTLE analysis, how they are used to asses a business as a more in depth SWOT analysis. We did a PESTLE on Turing Pharmaceuticals, which can be seen in the post previous to this.

After this, we researched trade associations and how they help business develop and grow., but also how they help protect the interests of employees and people within the trade.


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