Value Added Content.

According to (Molina, 2015) value added content has the purpose of educating, informing or entertaining the participant. It should have its own, dedicated section on the event blog, or website. Although this is additional content, it should all still be relevant to your event while having some references to current industry trends and other points of interest. A keyword should have a prominence in the PR campaign, as this makes the audience reach more traceable. With an ever increasing technological audience, a hashtag would be an ideal way to track your campaign.

PR should take place across all available social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) so you are able to reach potential participants who may just be on the fringe of your current audience, and not directly connected.

(Molina, 2015) also suggests offering value added content through any sponsors your event may have. This will benefit both parties, but may also increase the reach of your event promotion.

(Taylor-Smith, 2014) states that timings are important for targeting the right kind of audience. Not just the time of day, but also day of the week and time of the year. Outlining the objectives, and what you want the participants to get from the event, will also enable you to measure the success of the event.  By making the event an experiential one, you add an extra level of content, ensuring your attendees have a memorable time.

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