How to pitch an event idea. (2015) discusses 5 useful tips for pitching an idea. They suggest starting with a hook, such as a question or a shock opener to grab peoples attention. Secondly, your presentation should have a catchy title, the organiser is already aware of the finer details (date, time etc.) so try to avoid these. The next step is to paint a picture of your vision in their minds, use as much description as possible, from colour schemes to music you would use to set the atmosphere. Step four is to use first hand experience and anecdotes to portray your ability in the field, along with including any customer feedback you may have had previously, this can be done throughout the presentation to help it run smoothly. The final step they reccomend is to end with a conversation, use open questions and be prepared to entertain any changes they may want to include, and how you would accomodate them in your ideas.

While I think all five of these are great points, I think it’s also relevant to note that tone should be kept professional at all times. If your attitude comes across as too relaxed it may seem like you aren’t entirely invested in the idea.


Small Business – (2015) has a list of 7 tips for pitching, which are fundamentally the same as those stated in the (2015) article, but also include some points not mentioned. Small Business – (2015) note that you should always discuss the benefits that can be reaped by the company and you as the organiser. If they are aware of the benfits from the beginning, they may be more interested in working with you. They also suggest analysing the competition that is out there, this shows you know the industry and how to make yourself stand out from the rest. One of the final points they make is to flatter the company you are pitching to, show you have researched them and know a little bit about them and their backgrounds. 


Both of these articles helped me develop my understanding of pitching, they brought up some excellent points to remember. I feel that after researching this I will be able to form a more professional and confident pitch for a potential event.


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