Safety and Security in the Events sector.

When planning an event, of any size, the safety and security of you attendees is the most crucial thing to bear in mind.

The key aspects of safety include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire exits that are correctly sign posted, lit and kept clear throughout the event.
  • A fire procedure set out, and run through with all management, with assigned meeting points.
  • Alarms that have a record of the last time they were tested.
  • First aiders, of which at least one should be part of the event management team, located around the event to make sure they are accessible.
  • Emergency safety kits, in accessible places. This may include things such as a spare, fully charged, mobile phone, torches, emergency contacts and a first aid kit, among other things.
  • Contact lists for all relevant management and staff, so if anything does happen, everyone can be notified.
  • An emergency plan should be in place, in case of a serious emergency such as a terrorist attack. All staff should be trained in what this plan consists of.
  • To help with security, all staff should have ID badges to identify themselves to security. The contact list could be printed on the reverse to ensure it is always accessible.
  • If relevant to the size of the event, management and security should have training in Anti-Terrorism to aid with the identification of potential threats that could arise.

During the event there are security and safety checks that should take place on a regular basis. These checks include, but are not limited to; periodically checking the fire exits and that they are clear, crowd checks to ensure there are no major issues, perimeter checks to ensure there no breeches or potential threats.

When planning and event in this day and age, security is essential to ensure attendees safety. It has also become neccessary to check for where the management would stand if cancelling due to an act of terrorism or a threat of terrorism. This is to make sure, that as a planning agent/events manager, you know what you would be liable for should this occur.


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