Pitch Reviews.

On Monday, we were set the task of reviewing each others pitches for Joel. In the time given, I was able to review both Lauren and Sophie R’s pitches.

Lauren – Serial Killer Charity Ball

I really enjoyed looking through Lauren’s pitch, it was well thought out and included some very interesting details that may not have previously been thought of. She included a potential floor plan of what A-Wing, the intended location at The Dana, which I thought showed she had put a lot of thought and effort into the idea.

Although costings were vague, due to a lot of competition and potential for Joel to have contacts in the industry, I thought the ticket pricing structure was fair and well thought out.

The only point I made to Lauren, was to maybe include some research into other unique and odd venues that have held such events. I made this point so she could gauge potential missing costs, ticket prices and interest in the event in general.

Overall I feel Lauren has a very strong pitch, which she will present with great confidence.


Sophie R – Scavenger Hunt

Sophie also has a very strong pitch, her idea of a Scavenger Hunt in the prison is a really good one. I didn’t find anything she really needed to change, just a few questions that may be asked by Joel. Most of my questions she could answer already which shows she has thought this through very thoroughly.

Sophie had researched similar events that had, or were, happening around the world, and included this information.

Overall I feel that Sophie also has a strong pitch, which she will also present with great confidence.







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