Work Experience at The Whitehouse Hotel.

Since the beginning of the course we have been taking part in weekly work experience sessions at The Whitehouse Hotel. We are expected to work alongside Kelly, who is the Events and Conferences Co-ordinator, and Sam, the Food and Beverage manager. The purpose of the work experience is to give us first hand experiences of the events environment.

Since starting my placement, I have had some very mixed experiences. I have spent time with staff upstairs, preparing for events, and some downstairs with Kelly, the events co-ordinator, learning about bookings and the system she uses. I enjoy my time with Kelly, more than I do when I am upstairs, due to feeling like I am learning something useful when I am with her. Being upstairs allows me to use previous work experience, gained though jobs, to help, but I feel like I am not learning very much. I also feel like when I am upstairs, there is not always enough for me to help with, so I end up doing tasks the staff do, such as hoovering.

On the 10th December, I was with Kelly in the office. She asked me to set up templates and booking forms for the Bavarian night they are holding in February. I did this without a problem. The next task she had for me was to input some customer data into a website called Revinate. This website automatically sends out feedback questionnaires for customers to fill out, the answers are then used to calculate a score on a monthly and yearly basis. The staff have a target score to reach each month. This score can then be compared to other local competitors, as well as other hotels within the Redefine:BDL company.


One thought on “Work Experience at The Whitehouse Hotel.

  1. The use of the new software is useful and you should remember to add this to your CV or resume. Building up new skills is essential to improving your chances of progressing in your area of work. How would you improve the work experience to be more useful to you?


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