Putting theory into practice.

The awards evening was our first time putting the theory we have learned, into practice. At times it was quite difficult, and produced a few problems, but in the end produced a great event.

Allen (2009) talks about how food can become a crucial point in the evening. If it is served too late, when drink is available, people may become intoxicated. We voiced these concerns to Fiona, but she remained certain that food should be served at the end, to prevent a lull in the atmosphere. We, as a group, believe that we should have put this theory into practice as we saw a lot of people start to leave straight after the awards, meaning they did not eat the food provided.

Adding value to the event was slightly more difficult, as guests were not paying to be there. We overcame this by having canapés and arrival drinks, on the red carpet entry, and providing some small bowls of nibbles to keep any hunger at bay. This added some value to the event, as it is something that wouldn’t always be provided at this kind of event.

The dressing of the room was fairly easy to do, with the event being held so close to Christmas, The Whitehouse already had some decorations in use, and the centrepieces for the tables were also Christmassy. We also used the college backdrop for photographs, which then enables the college to use the pictures for marketing purposes.


Reference list:

Allen, J. (2009). Event planning. Mississauga, Ont.: J. Wiley & Sons Canada.


One thought on “Putting theory into practice.

  1. Excellent use of linking previous study and research in talking about the practical side of the events. You could have expanded on this by talking about primary and secondary stakeholders and customer service.


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