Understanding Event Experiences.

“Experiences remain extremely challenging occasions to envision” Berridge (p70;2007)

Berridge (p73;2007) states “…experience itself is a by-product of a conciously designed environment where clear decisions have been made.” which demonstrates that, ultimately, not everyone will have the same experience. Further to this, Berridge (2007) also states that events are either active or passive, but participants are also either visiting the event or are part of the content.

For an event to be passive, Berridge (2007) states that attendees are involved in the consumption of experiences, artefacts or goods but the performance is produced, with them in mind, by others. For an event to be active, Berridge (2007) notes that attendees have an involvement in the production of the whole experience, skills and performance.

Overall, leisure activities are difficult to understand as a self contained sector. This is due to many factors impacting on how people perceive experiences.



Berridge, G. (2007). Events design and experience. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.



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