The Making of Our Model Boxes.

On Thursday 11th February we started the production of our model box projects. We started by making some different box nets up, to help us decide on the best type of box to make. My group, Sophie R, Eleanor and myself, decided to go with a box that had three built sides and one open side. This would allow us to have full access to the “room” once we were ready to decorate.

It was decided that we would produce a replica of the Grotto we decorated at The Whitehouse Hotel, therefore the wall we chose not to put in place on the model, was the one which had the least decoration on the day.

Once we had decided on the box shape, we were tasked with creating a net to work from, out of paper. This proved difficult as the paper was flimsy and hard to work with, but we eventually got there. Once it had been constructed, we had to de-construct it into a net to produce the actual card box.

Once we had drawn around the net, and checked that all lines were the correct length and were straight, we had the task of cutting it out. This was difficult as the card was quite thick and took several cuts to get through. When we had finished cutting round the perimeter, we reinforced the back of the lines, which were to be scored, with masking tape to help prevent the card breaking apart.

We began the scoring of relevant lines, but ran out of lesson time before we could fully finish and assemble the box.

Pictures attached below show stages of the process so far, this will be updated as the project continues.

Before we began scoring


Drawing out the final net
Our paper model



My first practice
Before we began

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