Almost over, for now at least!

The last few weeks have certainly seen the pressure mounting. We are quickly approaching the end of Year 1, and it’s getting a bit stressful!

In the next 11 days we have 7 assignments due, and once again I have been my own worst enemy by leaving a lot of it until last minute! Fingers crossed I remain as calm as I can, but this year has definitely taught me a lot in the sense of how poor my time management actually is. Certainly something to work on in year 2.

Along with deadlines, we are also feeling the pressure in the sense that Joel is wanting to move forward with our events, but seems to be giving us very little input as to what he actually wants. He’s requested a few changes to my part of his History Day event, but I feel like it’s quickly becoming completely different to what I actually wanted it to be. Hopefully I won’t have wasted half of my research already though.

Exciting Summer ahead with all the events, if they actually go ahead, and lots happening personally too! My baby is due at the end of August, so I’m getting prepared for an exciting, yet even more stressful second year!