It’s over….For now!

So our deadlines have come and gone, which (hopefully) means first year is over!

We get our results nearer the end of May, so it’s just a waiting game until then. To pass some some time I’m currently relaxing in Spain, however it is much warmer at home than it is here! I have a suspicion that everyone will be more tanned than me when I get home.

The anticipation for results it’s nerve wracking, although a pass is sufficient I’m holding out for better than that, but I guess only time will tell!


Work Experience at The Whitehouse Hotel.

Since the beginning of the course we have been taking part in weekly work experience sessions at The Whitehouse Hotel. We are expected to work alongside Kelly, who is the Events and Conferences Co-ordinator, and Sam, the Food and Beverage manager. The purpose of the work experience is to give us first hand experiences of the events environment.

Since starting my placement, I have had some very mixed experiences. I have spent time with staff upstairs, preparing for events, and some downstairs with Kelly, the events co-ordinator, learning about bookings and the system she uses. I enjoy my time with Kelly, more than I do when I am upstairs, due to feeling like I am learning something useful when I am with her. Being upstairs allows me to use previous work experience, gained though jobs, to help, but I feel like I am not learning very much. I also feel like when I am upstairs, there is not always enough for me to help with, so I end up doing tasks the staff do, such as hoovering.

On the 10th December, I was with Kelly in the office. She asked me to set up templates and booking forms for the Bavarian night they are holding in February. I did this without a problem. The next task she had for me was to input some customer data into a website called Revinate. This website automatically sends out feedback questionnaires for customers to fill out, the answers are then used to calculate a score on a monthly and yearly basis. The staff have a target score to reach each month. This score can then be compared to other local competitors, as well as other hotels within the Redefine:BDL company.

Reflection and Evaluation Task.

This task was set with the outline of reflecting and evaluating on an experience I have had where I felt I had added value. I will also reflect and evaluate on my experience of The Lockdown at The Dana.

My personal experience I have chosen to draw on is winning the chance to see The Feeling, live, at Porchester Hall in London, the day before my 18th birthday. It was an exclusive gig, where tickets could only be won through the competition, for the winner and one guest, totalling around 150 people. The best part of this gig was that it was being recorded for broadcast on Channel 4 at a later date, and also to be released on DVD.

Myself and my best friend, Sally, travelled down to London on an early train. We spent the day wandering around London, and visiting some tourist spots, we arrived at the venue early to secure a decent spot in the queue. We were successful in our attempt as we secured a spot right at the front, around 4 people away from the stage, which later proved even better as my left side featured on the broadcast and DVD! The gig was amazing, and remains one of the best I have experienced to date. I was so greatful to have had the opportunity to attend this gig, and to have the experience of such an intimate venue.

The value of such events, and many others, is to make guests and attendees feel as though they are special to the organiser. It allows the organiser to promote their beliefs in customer needs/wants, while giving the customer (hopefully) and unforgettable experience.

Lockdown at the Dana

I was only involved in the Lockdown event for one day, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The event was a twist on the normal tour that they do, in the sense that you were being chased by Zombies at the same time. The average timing of one group completing the experience was around an hour, just half the time of a standard tour of the prison.

The cost of participation was considerably lower than originally thought. Joel, the owner or the tour company, was expecting tickets for Halloween night, to sell for upwards of £50. Tickets for the first 2 nights we around £25-£35 and Halloween night were around £45. This is more than triple the cost of a standard tour, but could be argued to be worth it as the Lockdown was potentially a once in a lifetime experience.